Safety Work Gloves, Protective Clothing, Industrial Rubber Footwear & Raingear Clothing


Protective Clothing
Safety work gloves, industrial rubber footwear & raingear clothing to meet specific requirements
Protective clothing Before selecting any protective clothing, footwear or safety work gloves, it is necessary to determine the nature of the protection required.

The principle factors to determine protection require: 1) functional requirements, 2) construction or how the article is manufactured, 3) probability and nature of exposure to chemicals, 4) degree of toxicity of the chemicals and 5) relevant properties of protective clothing, footwear and gloves to the chemical hazards involved.

Functional requirements may include style and fit to accommodate the type of working activity involved.

Construction of articles is extremely important in considering protection against hazardous chemicals. Sealed seams, stitched seams, liquid proof or resistant, dexterity.

safety bootsIf hazardous chemical protection is required, it is necessary to know the type of exposure expected. Does the exposure occur as an occasional splash, continuous liquid contact, intermittent liquid contact or vapor contact? Temperature during exposure is also important. Elevated temperatures increase the rate of permeation thus decreasing breakthrough time. Higher temperatures also hasten any degradation tendencies.

The toxic properties of chemicals encountered must be clearly defined. Each chemical has its distinct properties. It is possible to make judgments of chemicals that have the same chemical classification by chemical functional groups, but professional judgment must be applied. Toxicity tolerance levels for humans must be known for each chemical and the mechanism of how it will attack the human body must be understood.

Safety glovesArticles of protective gloves, rubber footwear and raingear should be regularly inspected for signs of degradation or excessive wear. Some signs of degradation of material are a change in color, a softening of the material, hardening of the material, cracking. An article worn thin or that exhibits deep cuts, nicks or separation should be taken out of service if being used for any hazardous us.

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